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show me moonlight on the sunrise;

{i've seen so many planets dancing.}

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little dreamer existing in a private technicolour haze.

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abandoned places, abnormal psychology, alice in wonderland, amanda palmer, asking "why?", aurora borealis, bat for lashes, beautiful girls, bee-stung lips, bones bones bones, breathing in colour, bubbles, caffeine fixes, candlelight, cassie from skins, cherry blossoms, city skylines, cloudwatching, daydreaming, days filled with sunshine, disappearing, dresses, dysphoria, escapism in any form, euphoria, fairy lights, fairytales, fitting into children's clothing, frosty winter mornings, glitter, green eyes, heart-shaped glasses, hot bubble baths, incense, introverts, iridescence, kate bush, katiejane garside, laying in the grass, living off diet coke, lockets, long strings of pearls, love, lucid dreams, making daisy chains, nostalgia, painting with ink, paranoia, peppermint tea, perfume, peter pan syndrome, photography, poetry, postsecret, rapunzel hair, reading among the flowers, ribbons&lace, roadtrips&train journeys, smashing pumpkins, snowflakes in my lashes, solitude, stargazing, starvation, sunlight moonlight, sylvia plath, taking refuge in libraries&bookstores, tarot, the dresden dolls, the moon, the ocean, the woods, thunderstorms, valium, vladimir nabokov's 'lolita', ♥her!
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